Construction Liens

Construction Liens

  • Builders looking for help filing construction liens.
  • Home Owners who have had a liens filed on their property.
  • Contractors seeking payment for work for which a construction lien could be filed.

If you have a question about a Construction Lien in Michigan, the Burns Law Office can help.

THE BURNS LAW OFFICE regularly assists Home Owners and licensed Builders with their particular lien needs. Home Owners often need to know what to do once a lien has been filed. Builders usually just want to know how they can get paid most quickly. In order to make a decision in either situation (whether you are a Builder or a Home Owner), you need to understand your lien rights. A “lien” is a right to be paid out of the sales money from a piece of property. When property that has a lien on it is sold, the lien(s) is paid out of the sales money before most others are paid. If you are a Home Owner, this is very serious because it affects your ability to sell your property. If you are a Builder who has not been paid, it can really help motivate the person(s) who is supposed to pay you. It can also result in the sale of the property with a lien on it. A Michigan Residential Construction Lien can force the sale of property within one year of it being filed. This is a very effective tool to getting payment.



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Even if it seems like your situation is a simple one, when you are dealing with the law, you want to have an experienced person with a license verify what the problem is and use their knowledge and expertise to deal with it in the correct way. This can help you avoid getting shocked with something that should have been straightforward. And if your situation turns out NOT to be simple, you want to make sure there is an experienced licensed person there on your side that can help you through it.