Assault and Battery Defense


If you’ve been arrested for assault and battery, or if you are being accused or investigated for either, it is a serious matter. You may be wondering, what is assault and battery? Battery is violent, forceful or offensive touching of another person. Assault is giving another person reasonable fear a battery is about to happen…Basically, any unwanted touching can be considered an assault/battery depending on the reasonableness of the touching. There may be defenses to assault/battery, such as self-defense or reasonable defense of another, or there may be other defenses. Judges and juries take assault and battery cases very seriously, so it is important to have experienced legal advice. THE BURNS LAW OFFICE can help you through this difficult time.

An assaultive charge is a serious crime that can effect you in many way, aside from the punishment. It can effect your job, your ability to carry a weapon, your ability to drive, your immigration status, your ability to travel internationally, your parenting rights, and other fallout. You should definitely consult with an attorney. But who do you go to? It can be a very out of control and extremely scary process.

The Burns Law Office is here to help you through this! We will aggressively defend you. The Burns Law Office handles cases all over Michigan, but specializes in matters in West Michigan, from Niles to Mackinaw City.

Our goal at the Burns Law Office is to help you make it through this tough situation, retain your dignity, assist you in understanding the information/accusations/charges that are being thrown at you, and provide you with our vast experience and expert opinion as to what we think you should do in your particular situation.

THE BURNS LAW OFFICE demands all evidence the police and its agents have against you. We try help you understand the evidence and claims made against you so that you can make an informed decision about what to do.

Our approach:

  1. Conduct an initial interview with you where we discuss what happened and the important issues surrounding the charges or claims brought against you.
  2. Demand all evidence the police and prosecutor have against you and all evidence they have that shows you did not do what you are accused of.
  3. Review the evidence the police and prosecutor give to us.
  4. Review the reason(s) the police give for detaining/stopping you in the first place and make sure there is are actual legal grounds; or review the warrant and affidavit (used to get the warrant).
  5. Review the reason(s) the police say they did not let you go on your way.
  6. Review the reason(s) the police say they kept you as long as they did.
  7. Review any statement(s) made by you before your arrest and after your arrest. Review any statements made by witnesses.
  8. Review whether Michigan Law allows the police and prosecutor to use the evidence against you at trial. First, whether the evidence shows the police had an acceptable reason to arrest you in the first place. Also, whether the evidence is likely to show you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  9. Review any defenses you may have. There may be legal defenses you have that are in Michigan Law. You also might have a defense based on the facts of what happened.
  10. Assist you in making a decision based on what is best for you. The Burns Law Office helps you come to a decision as to what to do: whether to file motions, whether to go to trial, whether to settle the matter prior to a trial.

When you are accused of an assault or battery the process happens quickly, from your arraignment (where the judge confirms that you know the charges against you, and takes your plea or answer to the charges and places any bond terms which usually include a no-contacting the victim order) to the pretrial (where you meet with the prosecutor and discuss whether to go to trial) it only takes a few weeks. So it is important that you email or contact an attorney as soon as possible!!

Even though charges have been, or may be, brought against you, the police and their agents still make mistakes. These can occur in many ways, and can result in lessened charges or even dismissal of charges brought against you.

The Burns Law Office will bring our vast knowledge and years of experience to your defense. The Burns Law Office will do our best to make sure you understand the situation, so that you can make a decision that works for your life and your future.

Many attorneys think they are the boss, but we recognize that you are the boss. We work as a team, but at the end of the day, you are in charge. If you think of us (The Burns Law Office) as the quarterback, then you are the Coach; if we (The Burns Law Office) are the Coach, then you are the Owner.

Vigorous Defense. It is the goal of The Burns Law Office’s to: provide you with what you need to understand the situation and make an informed decision about what to do while providing you with an aggressive legal defense.



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