Condominium Law


  • Condominium Associations looking for help collecting assessments, filing liens, changing condominium documents, amending or rewriting your Master Deed.
  • Condominium Owners looking for help understanding condominium documents, negotiating with you Association, dealing with liens/assessments.
  • Condominium Buyers and Sellers looking for help working toward a purchase/sale.

THE BURNS LAW OFFICE regularly helps Condominium Associations, Owners, Buyers and Sellers with their particular needs. Condominium documents are usually long and difficult to understand. The Burns Law Office can help you come to a basic understanding of your condominium documents and better understand your options.

Condominium Associations. How does one find an attorney for a condominium association? Should we just use the one the developer was using? Many times that is what condominium associations do. However, if you are looking for an attorney to help with your situation, or even if you just need a second opinion, the Burns Law Office can help. We have been assisting condominium associations with all of their regular needs for more than a decade. From regular collection of assessments and filing of liens, to creating or checking on easements, to amending condominium documents (Master Deed, Bylaws, Association Bylaws, etc.), the Burns Law Office is able to get it done for you.



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Even if it seems like your situation is a simple one, when you are dealing with the law, you want to have an experienced person with a license verify what the problem is and use their knowledge and expertise to deal with it in the correct way. This can help you avoid getting shocked with something that should have been straightforward. And if your situation turns out NOT to be simple, you want to make sure there is an experienced licensed person there on your side that can help you through it.