Commercial Lease Preparation Or Review


  • Commercial Property Owners/Landlords looking for preparation of a new or modified lease.
  • Business Owners/Tenants looking for review of a lease for new business space.

Whichever situation you are in, if you have a question about a Commercial Lease in Michigan, or need help putting one together, THE BURNS LAW OFFICE can help.

A “Commercial Lease” is a lease for business property, as opposed to a residential lease which is for property you live in. Commercial Leases are treated very differently in Michigan than residential leases are. The Burns Law Office regularly assists Commercial Property Owners as well as Business Owner/Tenants in review or preparation of commercial leases. Commercial Leases can be difficult to understand and it can be hard t make sure the what you want in your lease actually makes it into your lease. In order to make a decision in either situation (whether you are a Commercial Landlord or Commercial Tenant), you need to understand your rights under the lease. The commercial lease is the document that will control your rights and responsibilities as a business tenant and as a business landlord. Because it directly frames the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, it is very important that you understand it. The Burns Law Office can help you understand, negotiate, and/or make decisions about your particular situation.



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Even if it seems like your situation is a simple one, when you are dealing with the law, you want to have an experienced person with a license verify what the problem is and use their knowledge and expertise to deal with it in the correct way. This can help you avoid getting shocked with something that should have been straightforward. And if your situation turns out NOT to be simple, you want to make sure there is an experienced licensed person there on your side that can help you through it.